After a LONG 41 year hiatus, Loyola once again has a football program. In the Fall of 2012, the new-look Ramblers took the field, building a foundation for the stability of a long, successful football team for generations to come.


In 2013, the Ramblers joined the National Club Football Association (NCFA) and their regional conference, the Great Lakes West Conference.  Of the 32 teams in the NCFA, the Ramblers have quietly moved up the ranks every year, with 2015 being their best finish in conference play at 2-2 and an overall 4-4 overall record. The Ramblers have won numerous NCFA post-season awards and look to continue that trend.

​Much like the 1971 championship team, this Rambler unit was formed by players of various degrees of experience. Some played varsity football throughout high school and others have never been a part of an organized football team before. These young men found a way to become a cohesive group of fierce competitors, focused on proving they belong in the competitive NCFA (National Club Football Association).


​Loyola University Chicago is the only NCAA Division I program with the nickname “Ramblers” for its teams. The unusual moniker originated when football was a common and popular sport at Loyola. 

​Before the 1920s, all college athletics teams were merely assigned their school colors, instead of a nickname. All Loyola teams were known as the “Maroon and Gold.”

In 1926, a more informal, but much more binding process, finally yielded the nickname: “Ramblers.” That year, because the football team traveled so extensively across the United States, “rambling from state to state,” the media dubbed Loyola as “the Ramblers.”

The 2019 Ramblers are looking toward dominating this upcoming season. We are in need of more of the LUC faithful to join this journey, either as a player or as a team manager. One person can make a difference, and if YOU want to be MORE than just some college kid, just contact for more information. Don’t let football fade away from the Lakefront for another 41 years, make a difference!



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Loyola Chicago Football History

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