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Q: Who is eligible to play?
A: Any Loyola student (Grad students and Arrupe College students included) that is taking at least 6 credit hours (2 classes).


Q: Where do you practice?

A: We practice at Senn High School and at Loyola's Hoyne Field. Both are easily accessible by public transit and are close to campus. 


Q: How often you practice?

A: We will practice on the field at least three times a week and will have film study at least once a week during the fall.  


Q: What does it cost to play?

A: It costs $300 to play. We will provide transportation to games, and everything that is required to play (except cleats & mouth guards). 


Q: Never played football before. Can I play?

A: There are varying levels of experience on this team. Some players have never played before, but we have a coaching staff that is excellent at game planning and teaching the game. 

​Q: Where are the home games?

A: Evanston Township High School (Lazier Field)

​Q: Do you award scholarships?

A: We are a 100% WALK-ON club team. We DO NOT award athletic scholarships.

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